“Let’s break some ice.”

The site title, Emanila, is a portmanteau of my name EMAN and the city where I live in, which is MANILA. One of the oldest cities in the Philippines, Manila is home to about 2,000,000 people, forming the historic core of Metro Manila, the capital region of the country. Metro Manila, which includes the much larger Quezon City and the Makati Central Business District, is one of the most populous urban areas in the world. The term “Manila” is commonly used to refer to either the whole metropolitan area or the city proper.

“In my spare time, I like to shoot almost everything!”

I like pictures that make a photo story. Pictures that tell stories of people, places and things. Objectivity, social issues, significant events; photographs that chronicle the unfolding of life episodes. I spend some time watching strangers and listening to them, then try to, at least, seize them in their most candid and natural moments. This way, I hope to capture their images in more detail from a certain perspective.

“I choose to break the rules, no big deal!”

I like creativity. I experiment with colors, shades, blacks and whites. Sometimes I over-expose, sometimes I underexpose. Sometimes I over-process, sometimes I under-process. I like to paint my images in vivid hues. At times, I desaturate them at will, turning colors into black-and-whites.

I’ve been doing photography for the past several years, and still loving every minute of it. The first time I learned photography, I discovered a whole lot of experience. Thank you for visiting my site. You are awesome.